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Creativity is encouraged through knowledge and skill with form, function and flow as its basis.

This is an opportunity to learn the what, why, how and when within haircutting.

Taking you through the fundamentals, translating into your usable salon styles while joining the classic with the creative, elevate your day to day salon work to a new level.

The Knowledge Destroys Fear 2 includes 11 videos. You can stream them here for as long as you want for only $299.

Fiming KDF 2

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Duration: 3 hours 28 minutes
Stream here.
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Video #DescriptionDuration
VIDEO #1 long triangular layering34:16
VIDEO #2 long round layering11:37
VIDEO #3bob – back to front/front to back (2 Videos)22:23
VIDEO #4layered bobs with side parting24:19
VIDEO #5the shag12:03
VIDEO #6graduated bob – back to front version/occipital version (2 Videos)38:16
VIDEO #7internal & external graduation (2 Videos)16:25
VIDEO #8 short square layering37:43

Knowledge Destroys Fear 2 Preview

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